Hi there! Welcome to the website of the Nijmegen Student Athletics Club 't Haasje ('the little hare'). We have more than 130 members who are students at the Radboud University or at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. We practice the highly versatile sport of athletics, ranging from the marathon to track and field events such as the 100m sprint or long jumping. The level ranges from recreational running to the national top. Not only do we get along well on the track and do we compete in races and track meetings together, but we also organize activities on a regular basis, such as our monthly dinner ('Haasjehap') or drinks ('borrel').

We have four training groups, who have different coaches and train at (slightly) different times. One for sprinting and hurdles, one for jumping and throwing, and two for middle to long distances, where one is aimed at a more recreational level and the other at people who are more competitive. If you are interested to join a track session (you do not have to become a member immediately, feel free to try it a few times first), please send an e-mail to our secretary at secretaris [at] haasjeatletiek.nl. You will then be given more information. See you on our track soon!


Is athletics also something for you? In September we again start our special orientation period. More information can be found here.


Finally, we try to make more and more information available in both Dutch and English. But some parts of this website have not yet been translated to English, for which we are very sorry. If there's something you don't understand or can't find, don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail at secretaris [at] haasjeatletiek.nl and webmaster [at] haasjeatletiek.nl.

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-Het clubtenue is aangepast in de officiële reglementen. Vanaf nu is het ook toegestaan om een volledig zwart broekje te dragen i.p.v het Haasje broekje.


3 sep  -  Borrel September

12 sep - Discobowlen

18 sep - Haasje Picnic

26 sep - Haasjehap september + speeddaten

4/5/6 okt - Clubweekend

1/2/3 nov -Heuvelweekend


14 sept        -  NSK teams

12 okt         -  Veluweloop

19 okt         -  NSK Weg

16 nov        - Zevenheuvelennacht

17 nov        - Zevenheuvelenloop