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NSAV 't Haasje is the student athletics club of Nijmegen, combining the athletic sports and a lot of social activities. Every training level is possible, ranging from recreational training up to national competitions. To achieve such broad possibilities for students the trainings are given by experienced and competent trainers.

We have different locations at our disposal. On Monday evenings we are able to use the gym at the Radboud Sports Centre (RSC) for core stability training. Just beyond the university campus there are a lot of forested areas, which are perfect for long runs and cross training. All training groups in principle train twice a week at the athletics track close to the RSC.

Are you considering to start a new sport and are you interested in learning the principles of how to throw a discus? Are you running the same course twice a week and are you ready for something different? Then 't Haasje is the perfect club for you! You can carry out every discipline possible. Next to the annual competition (a competition between all athletic clubs in the Netherlands) there are eight NSK’s (students championships) in a year and other big events, like the Batavierenrace.

Athletics means more than just competition. That's the reason why 't Haasje also organizes a lot of social activities. Every month we have a 'borrel' and a dinner with each other, where you can catch up with your running mates in a pub or in our clubhouse. Annually, we organize a club weekend and a training camp both with a focus on amusement and training.

We have around 135 members, divided into recreational members and competition members. As a competition member, you are allowed to take part in track meetings, the annual competition, and national championships.

We have 4 different training groups, that emphasize the different aspects of athletics.

  • sprinting and hurdles;
  • recreational group: middle to long distance running;
  • competition group: middle to long distance running;
  • technical disciplines (long jump, triple jump, high jump, pole vault, discus, shot put, javelin, hammer throw).

Feel free to come to one of our trainings. If you have any questions left you can mail our secretary. If you want to become a member right away, just fill out this registration form.

Emergency number(s) of your family/friends
Check this for more information about the various membership types. Would you like to become a supporting member? Please do not fill in this form, but contact the secretary directly.
I'm already a member of the Dutch Athletics Federation and I wish to be transcribed.
To become a member of NSAV ‘t Haasje you are required to have a sports card from the Radboud Sports Centre (RSC). Since September 2012 your student card is linked with your sports card for Radboud University students, but not for the HAN University of Applied Sciences. If you no longer receive a separate sports card, enter once again your student number.
To collect the contribution fees, we prefer you to authorize 't Haasje to automatically deduct them from your bank account. If you would not like to authorize 't Haasje, there is also the possibility (article 2 sub 1 of the internal rules of operation (HR)) to wire transfer the contribution fees against an additional administration fee. We use the same authorization in the future for the potential costs for your participation in events and races, and for the costs if you decide to purchase club gear.
I'm interested in the following training groups:

By submitting this form you declare that you are familiar with the rules and regulations and that you agree with them. Among other rights and duties, they state that a new member is required to:

  • be a student at the HAN or RU;
  • have a valid RSC sports card;
  • do at least one work operation per study year to the value of € 25 or to buy yourself out for € 25;
  • pay contribution each year, as mentioned here.

Furthermore, your contact details will be shared on a members list that is only visible to logged in users. If you want, you can hide this information through your account settings.

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