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Nederlandse Estafette Kampioenschappen 2017

Three Haasje teams took part in the National Relay Championships on September 22 and 23!

On Saturday the women had to compete. When they arrived in Amstelveen the sun started to shine. The Gods were favourable to Iris, Moniek, Krista and Dionne during the 4x100m. Passing of the baton went well and our women finished third after 51.99 seconds. The first medal had been earned. Later that day it was timefor Loes, Vera, Moniek and Dionne to run the 4x400m relay. Loes passed the baton to Vera and eventually Dionne had to finish the race, which resulted in a wonderful third place and a bronze medal again.

The men's race was on Sunday and they were running the 4x800m race. The goal was to beat the club record of 8:04.17 minutes which dates back to 1985. The weather was perfect. Thomas started and after passing the baton to Kamiel they ran in second place. The competitors came back and with 1.3 seconds the men finished 4th. Most importantly they broke the club record. The new time; 7:59.12 minutes!











































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