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Miranda Boonstra
Miranda trains the MiLa (middle and long distances) group.

Since april 2017 I coach track sessions for the MiLa runners at 't Haasje. I am not a standard coach, as I'm not a man and I'm still active as an athlete myself.

You are lucky, as I am stubborn and know everything about running. As someone with a doctorate in movement sciences, graduated physiotherapist and fifteen-time Dutch champion MiLa, I think I'll be able to make you enthousiastic about the middle and longer distances.

As an athlete, I switched in 2010 from the steeplechase to the marathon; both distances with many obstacles along the way. I hope that I can teach you something about techniques, thresholds, threshold training, abdominal muscles, acidification of muscles, steeplechase, 10km-tempo, 5km-tempo, balance, strength, gears, and the MONA fartlek.

Most importantly, I hope that you are going to find running the best sport there is. I let you run in the forest, on the road and on the track, flat with hills and sometimes with a little obstacle... who says running is dull?