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The Run2Day Nijmegen-team consists (of course) of people who all enjoy sports themselves. A team that considers service, quality and caring about its customers important. They are there for the customer. Whether it is running, trail running or (Nordic) walking, they can help you.



Physiotherapy Bottendaal

Physiotherapy Bottendaal for the complete sports care


As athletes, you can go to Physiotherapy Bottendaal for the complete care that is needed within the sports rehabilitation. For all your members, we have a free walk-in consultations. During this consultation hour, we can provide you with advice about possible complaints or pain. The advice can imply to take a rest for some time or for example to do alternative trainings supported with other additional exercises. Furthermore, as Physiotherapy Bottendaal, we are in close contact with sports doctors and orthopedists in Nijmegen. So if you need to be referred to the hospital, we can help you with that.

    To make an appointment or for more information with regard to the consultation hours, you can contact Physiotherapy Bottendaal (024-3226166).

    Since June 2014, podiatry Bottendaal is also specialized in echo-diagnostic research. Using echography, it is possible to develop a picture of structures such as tendons, muscles, joints and among others bursitis. This provides more insight in the capacity of the tissue and the extent to which there is tissue damage. Then the course of the healing process can better be recorded. On the basis of these images, the podiatrist can develop an appropriate treatment.       

    For more information or a echographic research or if you want to know more about your (foot) injuries, you can contact Podiatrist Bottendaal (024-3241980).


Cafe Daen

Cafe Daen is the usual hangout of NSAV 't Haasje. Every first Tuesday of the month, you can find us at Daen, where we can nicely talk about the trainings. Furthermore, there are sometimes activities. Besides the nice drinks, Daen also provides the possibility to have dinner together and ‘t Haasje organizes a food activity during the introduction.

The online print shop is from now on our new printing partner. You can among others print flyers. They also have experience with other types of products.Think for example of printing VR glasses. They namely print anything on everything.


Want to become a sponsor?

Do you want to sponsor NSAV ‘t Haasje, financially or in materials? Please, contact the president (voorzitter [at] ())


NSAV ‘t Haasje can offer sponsors the following:

  • Your company’s logo on the website

  • An advertisement in the association’s magazine de Coe?Nein!

  • Your company’s logo on flyers and other means of communication of matches and events

  • The possibility to print your company’s logo on the club’s clothes (sweaters or Batavierenrace shirts)