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Commissaris Intern

Tim Heesterbeek

Hello Haasjes,

I am Tim Heesterbeek and I am the commissioner of internal affairs of NSAV 't Haasje 2021-2022. I was born and raised in the beautiful and small village of Westerhoven 22 years ago and I have lived there my entire life until 2017 when I moved to Nijmegen for my studies. I am a fourth-year science student which means that I study a combination of chemistry and physics and I will try to achieve my bachelor's degree alongside being in the board this year. In my life I have always been active in sports, where I especially liked running around on a field and kicking a ball in a net (I wasn;t that good at that last part). I also liked almost all other sports, but I never took the chance to train and do games in those other sports, because I was always just playing football. This changed when I moved to Nijmegen and my performances in football matches started to drop due to a lack of training my legs and an increase in training my liver. I hung up my football boots and in return came some sprinting spikes. I have been a member of 't Haasje for over a year now and I love the atmosphere at trainings and activities, which makes me feel certain that this year will be a year to remember. If you have any question/opinions/remarks/problems or anything else, you can alwys send me a whatsapp message or send an email to commissarisintern [at]

Small vegetables,

Tim Heesterbeek