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Poolparty Adt-Lam-tis


Hello swimhaasjes,

After years of waiting it is finally here, it is time for the one and only poolparty!The poolparty will take place in zwembad West (Planetenstraat 65, Nijmegen) on the 20th of october and will be from around 20:30h-01:00h. The theme for this splashing party is Adt-Lam-tis!
This poolparty is organised together with Kunde, KUNST, Morado, Slow, Keizerstad Kannibalz, 't Haasje and FEL. The ticket sale for 't Haasje will be on sunday the 18th of september at 15:00h-16:00h, where 30 tickets are reserved for haasjes. Afterwards at 00:00 h at night the rest of tickets that are leftover will be in sale and all associations can buy those tickets then. Put this date and the date of the poolparty already in your agendas. The Tickets will be 8,50 euros and the drinks and snacks will be 2 euros.

We are looking forward to it,
Greetings, the poolpartycommittee
Lieke (KUNST), Bart (Morado), Martijn (Kunde), Tim (t'Haasje), Dominique (FEL), Silke (Slow), Quinty (Slow), Joost (Keizerstad Kannibalz), Evert-Jan


Thursday, 20 October, 2022 - 20:30
Sportfondsenbad Nijmegen-West