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Dodgeball tournament

Dear members, big news!
On the 10th of December, NSAV 't Haasje is hosting a dodgeball tournament together with FEL, Tussen de Torens, Dorans and Lasya! From 19:30 until 23:00, we will play multiple forms of dodgeball in mixed teams. This is a wonderful opportunity to both show your dodgeball skills, whilst at the same time meeting new people! As multiple associations do have internationals, it is our goal to organise and play dodgeball as much in English as possible and as committee we ask everyone to speak English during the event, so we don't exclude anyone! With that being said, sign up via the link below, it costs you just a few seconds and it is totally for FREE! ALso we will probably be going out afterwards!
zaterdag, 10 december, 2022 - 19:30