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Miranda Boonstra
Miranda trains the MiLa (middle and long distances) group.

Since april 2017 I coach track sessions for the MiLa runners at 't Haasje. I am not a standard coach, as I'm not a man and I'm still active as an athlete myself.

You are lucky, as I am stubborn and know everything about running. As someone with a doctorate in movement sciences, graduated physiotherapist and fifteen-time Dutch champion MiLa, I think I'll be able to make you enthousiastic about the middle and longer distances.

As an athlete, I switched in 2010 from the steeplechase to the marathon; both distances with many obstacles along the way. I hope that I can teach you something about techniques, thresholds, threshold training, abdominal muscles, acidification of muscles, steeplechase, 10km-tempo, 5km-tempo, balance, strength, gears, and the MONA fartlek.

Most importantly, I hope that you are going to find running the best sport there is. I let you run in the forest, on the road and on the track, flat with hills and sometimes with a little obstacle... who says running is dull?

Ton van Laethem
Ton trains the MiLa competitive group.

In the MiLa group you train if you set goals for yourself. That can be on the track or on the road. You train with a schedule that is focused on your goal. The intensity and size are based on your own performance level and lead - in principle - to the goal set by you. During the training I pay a lot of attention to the technique. A good running technique, where you use as little unnecessary energy as possible, is important to me.

Running road races (5-42.4 km) and cross-country is my own passion in athletics. I am a member of the board of Nijmegen Athletics and teacher at the Athletics Union and New Opportunities Sports. Since 15 years I have been involved as coordinator Start / Finish in the organization of the - now three - major Nijmegen running events (Zevenheuvelenloop, Marikenloop and Stevensloop). I work as Head Process Control at a company that makes detection and traffic guidance systems.