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Technical disciplines

Marco Otten

Marco recently completed his coaching course. He holds track sessions on Thursdays.

Hello new, future and old Hares who may not know me.

I am Marco, 23 years old and since last season technical coach on Thursdays at the nicest student athletics association. Jumping, throwing and every now and then a sprint is what I give on this evening in a cozy group, each on his own level.

I am also very active with races myself as a sprinting MiLa Hare, where I cover distances of 400m to 5km. With the 800m as the big favourite. So in addition to giving you track sessions, you will also see me bumping over the course regularly. Until Thursday evening at the technical track session!


Anneroos van Trigt

Anneroos is currently busy with her trainer course. She provides training sessions on Tuesday.


Hi, last year I did an internship at ‘t Haasje for a deepening within my studies and I experienced that as very positive and informative, thanks Ton!

    I think you are very motivated and nice at the right moment, that makes ‘t Haasje special. And that motivates me every week again to work with you.

    I have a great passion for sports and everything around it to achieve optimal performance. Currently, I like to do Crossfit, my sports history can be described as experimental.

    Besides that, I am active as a condition trainer, fitness instructor and this year with lifestyle. Running is a sport which I started with and which have never let go of. For that reason, running has a special place in my heart.

    I hope to have a great season with you!