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Sign up?

NSAV 't Haasje takes part with a men's and women's team. Both teams compete in the second division. To be able to sign up you have to have an athletics license (please contact our board). The team leader puts together the team and contacts the team members. Every team member competes at least once to a maximum of three times per competition day. The team leader makes sure that everyone that likes to compete is able to compete, however the strength and performance of the team should not decrease. 

What is the competition?

Teams from a specific club are competing against other athletics club to end up as high as possible in the rankings. After the three preliminaries the scores are added. The best teams go to the finals and try to get promoted. The teams with the lowest scores have to make sure they are not getting relegated. Every competition day teams compete directly against twelve other teams during that day, but indirectly to another 24 team, so 36 in total. Points are awarded for every discipline and the best result in a discipline counts. After all three competition days the points are added and this reveals the teams that go to the finals.

Athletics officials

Do you have an official degree? Please let the board know. If you're interested in an official degree contact the board as well. Every year there's a course to become an official.

Athletics Union

Standings, schedules, and results can be found on the website of the Atletiekunie.