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Here you find the event and race calendar. This calendar has been put together exclusively for Haasje members. By clicking on the link you'll be redirected to the official webpage of the event.  

NB: Do you have suggestions? Please let us know via email: wedstrijdencie [at]

Red = Club events and national student champs
Orange = National championships
Blue = Indoor events
Purple = Track and Field events
Green = Cross Country races
White = Road races
Yellow = Relay races
Pink = Other


Race & Meet Calendar
Date Race/Meet Location Disciplines
30-08-2019 Track Meeting VI Utrecht Track and field
01-09-2019 Maas en Waalse Dijkenloop Beneden-Leeuwen Long Distance Running
08-09-2019 Promotie/Degradatiewedstrijd damescompetitie Hilversum Track and field
14-09-2019 NSK Teams Nijmegen Track and field
20-09-2019 Track Meeting Wageningen III Wageningen Track and field
21-9-2019 Trion Triathlon Nijmegen Other
28-09-2019 NK Estafette Amstelveen Relays, Track and field
29-09-2019 NK Estafette Amstelveen Relays, Track and field
29-9-2019 Posbankloop Velp Long Distance Running
06-10-2019 Staddijkloop Nijmegen Long Distance Running
06-10-2019 Devil's Trail Utrechtse Heuvelrug Utrechtse Heuvelrug Other
12-10-2019 Veluweloop Wageningen Relay, Long Distance Running
13-10-2019 Devil's Trail Friendship Trail Kootwijk Other
19-10-2019 NSK Weg Wageningen NSK/Long Distance Running
20-10-2019 Molenhoeks Makkie Molenhoek Long Distance Running
27-10-2019 Devil's Trail Rijk van Nijmegen Nijmegen Other
3-11-2019 Bosloop Malden Long Distance Running
08-11-2019 Devil's Trail Schiermonnikoog Schiermonnikoog Other
09-11-2019 Devil's Trail Schiermonnikoog Schiermonnikoog Other
16-11-2019 Zevenheuvelennacht Nijmegen Long Distance Running
17-11-2019 Zevenheuvelenloop Nijmegen Long Distance Running
24-11-2019 Warandeloop Tilburg Cross Country
31-12-2019 Sylvestercross Soest Cross Country