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Nijmegen Global Athletics

The Nijmegen Global Athletics (NGA) is an international athletics meeting for elite runners. It is organized by the three big athletics associations in Nijmegen; Nijmegen Atletiek, Cifla and NSAV ’t Haasje. The meeting focuses on the 800m, 1500m, 3000m/5000m distances. Competitors will try to qualify themselves for the European Championships, the World Championships or the Olympic Games, for instance in 2016 to go to Rio. Moreover, athletes of the Dutch Paralympic Team will participate as well. In 2017 the organization has decided to include a programme for competitive and recreative runners. The competitive runners will be able to participate in the evening programme in the up-the-clock-races on the track and recreative runner can compete in a forest run of 1 or 3 km.

Supporters can buy food and drinks in the food trucks that will be present at the sports ground. 

Sebastiaan Gremmen and Saskia Brouwers were part of the committee. Other Haasjes have been volunteering in the week of the NGA. Without them this event could not have taken place.

You can find the meet report of 2017 here. More information at