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NK Atletiek 2017

From July 13 till 16 the national athletics championships were held in Utrecht and three Haasjes took part..

Bram was the first to start and he immediately was successful. Despite a fierce wind he ran a good 400m hurdles race and finished in 55.10 seconds. He had to go to the finals as the seventh athlete. Vera ran the 400m hurdles as well. She crossed the finish line after 66.91 seconds and finished ninth! Moniek just a few weeks recovered from an injury competed in the 100m. With 12.95 seconds she came very close to her season's best. 

On Saturday Vera and Moniek took part in the 200m. Vera improved herself a lot this season, but she did it again and finished in 26.28 seconds. Moniek ran a nice race and came close to her personal best. At the end of the day Bram had his 400m hurdles final. He got lane 1 unfortunately and it would not be the race he would like have haved. With 55.76 seconds he became seventh!
On Sunday Bram had to compete again. Now at the 110m hurdles. He finished in 15.29 seconds. Not good enough to go to the finals, but a tenth place!

The sprinters and coach Michael are happy with these results and look back on a nice event. 

One MiLa Haas came to Utrecht as well. Marco was not on the start list of the 800m race, but the first reserve to come in action. Unfortunately all other athletes called in on time. So Marco has to wait till next year and hopefully we'll see him at the start then! 

Bram in actie op de 400m horden









































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