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NSK Teams 2018

Written by: Niels Aarts & Nadim van Minnen
On Saturday 8 September two Haasje teams travelled to Utrecht to compete at the National Student Championship Teams. Both our teams did not have high expectations. The men's team did miss many sprinters, while the women's team lacked many athletes because of the competition finals the day after. 

All other teams were looking strong and after 0 points at our first event a top 3 place seemed beyond our reach. Nevertheless, our new members proved wrong. Timothy Repnikov shot a clubrecord at shot put (14,01m) and at discus throw (40,72m). A wonderful performance in his debut as senior. We were awarded the maximum points. Ruben Harmsen threw 51,23m with Javelin. Good to have this recruit in future events. Marco, our teamleader, came to beat the club record at 1000m.  He took it in 2:28,33 minutes. These fantastic performances gave us a boost, although there were still many events this day. Joost van Wijngaarden and Ties competed in the steeplechase. Ties took second place and Joost third. Joost liked this event so much that he's going to specialize on this event. One hour later Ties and Joost ran the 3000m race. The men's team took the second place. Meanwhile Daan jumped to third place with 1,80 in the High Jump event and with Long Jump he finished sixth with 5,89m. After the 1000m Thomas and Lars also started at the 100m sprint: Not such a good idea.. Marco finished in 37,06 at the 300m. Last but not least the relay races. One did no go well, but that did not matter. The men's team was awarded a historic second place!

The women's team did better than expected. First of all Julinha beated Niels at the 200m hurdles and finished in a neat 38,56 seconds close behind Emma Beekman (one out of three Daventrianen that represented 't Haasje today). Marloes became fourth at shot put. Janeri took the same place and finished in fourth place at the 1000m in 3:20,11 minutes. At Javelin Sanne was awarded the full points with a throw of more than 30m. At 100m sprint a non-Haasje represented us, Isa Stommels of athletics club HAC. Our hero Julinha did not want to perform in the steeple chase, but she was on the start list nevertheless. She ran a good time and took sixth place! Marloes and Janeri competed in the high jump event and Sanne and Nynke became secondE and third in the discus throw event.  New recruit Melanie de Vries ran the 300m. She won in a great time of 41,08 seconds. Another new member (You may know her from Kronos) Jasmijn ran 10x further and she finished in 13:51,71 minutes. Rianne ran in two races and after performances of Jinke Janssen and Isa the relays took place. The women finished seventh and fourth. This resulted in a 5th place at the NSK Teams!

After the NSK Teams we had dinner together and we enjoyed the party. You might see details in the next CoeNein on the 'Roddelpagina'...