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Daniëlle Smit


Hi everyone!

I am Daniëlle Smit, I’m 19 years old (the youngest of the board) and this year I will be the secretary of ‘t Haasje. I've just started my second year of Educational Sciences and this is also my second year as a member of 't Haasje. Before joining 't Haasje, I never practiced anything in athletics, so I'm learning new things on a daily basis. Hopefully I'll learn more during my year as a board member, both in athletics as in taking care of a student association. During practice, you can see me throwing things around and I'm hoping I'll be able to sprint soon.
Apart from athletics, I like to read a good book or drink coffee until I reach my daily tax. Sometimes I take a chance on the tennis court, because I've done that sport for more than ten years.

I'm really looking forward to this year and I'm sure I can make great year together with my other board members. I really hope to see you all during practice and activities and if you are ever in the mood to chat of you have a question, don't hesitate to send me a text of send an email to secretaris [at] See you soon!