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Gezamenlijke training met Asterix

Under the umbrella of Haasterix, 't Haasje and Asterix will organize a joint training on Saturday the 13th of May from 12:00-16:00 at the track in Eindhoven. Here some more information about this day! On this day, we will first have lunch together (12:00-13:30) in the canteen next to the track. We ask for you to bring your own lunch and we will provide some extra snacks. For bonding opportunities there will also be some games available. After this, we'll have a quite longer training (13:30-15:30-16:00). We will do the warm-up together and a strength circuit before everyone can go practice their own events (sprint/hurdles, technical, mila). There will not be any trainers, but we will make sure that there are schedules for you to follow.

zaterdag, 13 mei, 2023 - 12:00