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First competition day, fisherman's tales

On Sunday 22 April the men's and women's team went to Vught where the first competition day took place. Most athletes already had two tough days because of the Batavierenrace. Nonetheless they had to shine one more time, and some even more than once. The women's team ended up second in their pool and is 11th in the rankings at the moment with about 200 points behind the number 8. Just a small gap that has to be bridged to qualify for the finals and compete for promotion to the 1st division! The men's team took 27th place and they are safe from relegation for now!

Women's Team

At 12:10 PM Moniek started the competition. She put her shot to a decent 9.72m. Next were the hurdles. Vera ran her first race of the season in 15.32s. Dionne competed as well, but was less happy with her result. Meanwhile the first group started high jumping and for Saskia and Margo the 800m race started. Despite the Batavierenrace Margo ran a strong race and finished in 2:27.62. Nynke reached a height of 1.45m with high jumping and Sophie set 1.50m in the same event.

Moniek and Krista took part in the 100m race. Moniek ran 12.89s. Krista set a new PB of 13,39s. Simultaneously the triple jump took place. Sophie jumped to 10.47m and at the end of the day Pien jumped 9.34m. Almost immediately after the 100m Monique ran the 400m as well. Margo competed too after she ran 800m already and she beat Monique with one hundredth of a second in 1:05.28. Both pushed hard and fell over after finishing. Fortunately they were both done for the day.

Next a couple throwing events were held for the strong Haasjes among us. Nynke threw the discus to 33.27m and Sanne put the shot to 9.55m. Later that day Sanne threw 26.71m with discus. At the 200m Vera and Pien had to perform and they finished in 26.82s and 30.40s respectively.

At the end of the day Viviën and Geke (without voice, but you don't need that during a 3000m) ran the 3000m. Thankfully water was distributed because of the heat. Viviën finished in 11:51.54 and Geke in 11:57.77.

Last but not least the Swedish Relay took place with Vera, Sophie, Krista, and Dionne. After 400m in about 60s Vera ran in second place and passed the baton to Sophie. The 300m was a real fight, but Sophie did not loose ground and Krista started second as well. Krista accelerated, but four runners passed their baton simultaneously to the 4th and last runner. Dionne sprinted to the finish and crossed the finish line in 4th place, finish time 2:27.89.

Men's Team

The men's team had a lot of changes due to injuries, exhaustion from the Batavierenrace and malaise. Teamleader Marco and surrogate teamleader Michael solved this problem directly. Then the competition started. Nadim began with shot put. Normally a sprinter he had to duel against Niels. Both men never shot put before, however they performed excellent with two PBs as a result. Nadim 21.15m and Niels 20.77m with even a spin!

After a great start of the day the old ad familiar names in the team had to compete. Bram and Coen competed in the 110mH and Duby took part in the high jump event. Bram did great and started his season with 15,39s and a third place. Coen did not finish unfortunately. Duby had to compete against Daan, a new member of the men's team. Both men did well, 1.75m for Duby and 1.70 for Daan. Daan took part in the long jump event as well. A long distance during the Bata withheld him jumping a neat distance, 5.76. Wiene, our fierce force, jumped to 6.03m.

The middle long distance men had a rough day. Marco as well as Thomas had to compete in the 800m, 400m and Swedish relay, both with tired legs from the Batavierenrace. They agreed that Marco was going to excel in the 800m race and Thomas in the 400m race. This resulted in 1:57.53 for Marco with a phenomenal end sprint and a PB of 53.52s for Thomas. Athletes Larsand Luc suffered during the longest distance this day, the 5000m. They finished in 17:36.82 and 17:06.59 respectively. Before the 5000m Bram and Duby competed in the 100m sprint. Neat times for both, Bram 11.65s and Duby 12.42s.

During all running events Coen was doing great in the pole vault event. This event started at 1 PM, but he finished just in time to start his 200m race. He surpassed himself and jumped to a PB of 3.50m. In the 200m race Bram was again his opponent. No DNF this time, but 24.61s. Bram crossed the finish line in 23.86s and he was awarded the points for the team.

Niels and Wiene participated in shot put. Wiene reached a distance of 10.16m. Niels put 8.93m, but his legs and arms did not do the job he told.

The Swedish relay was run in a nice and warm sun. The race was appointed to our heroes Thomas, Marco, Duby, and Lars. No official members of the sprint group this time, but the result was good nonetheless. With heavy legs they finished in 2:10.72. Maybe they should think about switching carreers!

This first competition day came to an end with a lovely dinner in the centre of Vught with 15 Haasjes where many fish stories were told. On behalf of the athletes we want to thank the team leaders, coaches, supporters and our volunteering officials Ernest and Aline.

The next competition day takes place on May 27th in Arnhem. We'd like to see you then!