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Meets & Races

Members of NSAV 't Haasje (Haasjes) are active in events throughout the Netherlands. Student events are very popular, for example National Student Championships, but we also organise our own club events and compete against other athletics clubs in the national competition. Every Haasje has his or her own goals and competes in different events. Some want to qualify for the national championships and others go to an event to join the party afterwards. It doesn't matter what you goal is or how good you are as long as you're having fun. Depending on the season and your discipline(s) there are different events. Please read further on this page or take a look at our 'Meet and Race Calendar'. 
















NSAV 't Haasje organises the following club events;

​Now and then we organise an event with an NSK status

All club events are organised by our members. This means the whole club has the responsability to make this event happen. Members that are not in the organisation are competing, volunteering or supporting during the event. 


National Student Champs (NSKs) have a student-like character. This means that these events are all about fun and rivalry between Student Athletics Clubs. A party, BBQ, lunch, dinner, and/or quiz night is/are organised afterwards. Especially the parties are awesome. Older members can tell you all about some legendary nights! For example, do you know what it means to compete in a Greek Relay? Or do you know the definition of 'integreren'? 

Every year there are eight NSKs organised by the Student Athletics Clubs, three big NSKs (Team champs, Track and Field champs, and Indoor champs) and five smaller NSKs (Cross Country champs, Marathon relay champs, Pentathlon/Decathlon champs, Road champs, Stair climbing champs).

​All NSKs are supported by NSAF ZeuS











Relay races are always fun and augment team building and team spirit. Here are some examples of races that you don't want to miss!

  • Batavierenrace; The biggest student relay race takes place in April. It starts in Nijmegen and goes to Enschede. A 175 km distance race which ends with the biggest student party of Europe. 
  • Veluweloop; A beautiful race in Hoge Veluwe National Park in October. 
  • Hart van Brabantloop; a nice race around Tilburg that has a similar atmosphere as the Batavierenrace, but the race is way smaller. It takes place in September. 
  • Geuzenloop; A small relay race in February/March where start and finish of each stage are at the same place. 


During the Track and Field season (April - September) it's competition time! There are three competition days in which you can qualify for the finals. At the end of summer the finals take place. The best teams will be promoted while the teams with the worst scores will be relegated.  

Do you want to compete and sign up for the competition? 

Results, standings and schedule can be found on the official website of the Athletics Union.


















Several talented athletes take part in NKs (National Championships). To compete in some NKs you have to qualify yourselve. These events take place all year round. 



Track and field athletes have an indoor and an outdoor season. The indoor season takes place from December till March. From April till September the outdoor season takes place. During this period the competition and track meetings are organised. Track meetings are excellent races to set a new PB. NSAV 't Haasje organises it's own track meeting in 2018. 

Long distance runners can compete all year round in road races. However, in winter the harrier season takes place. Several cross country competitions are held in different regions on mostly unpaved roads and trails. 

Please take a look at our Meet and Race Calendar!
















Other event items on our website:

  • Calendar; The Meet and Race Calendar is full of relevant events for Haasje members,
  • Results; Event results can be found here,
  • Race and Meet; Awesome reports, experiences and reviews of events,
  • Club Records; Records are made to be broken,
  • Trappenloop; Our annual stair climbing race in the Erasmus building,
  • Leemkuilcross; In cooperation with Cifla we organise this tough cross country race familiar about 'the staircase',
  • Nijmegen Meeting; The first track meeting in Nijmegen takes place this year,
  • NGA; An international track event with elite runners from all over the world. Organised by the sports associations Nijmegen Atletiek, Cifla and NSAV 't Haasje.